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About us

DISOLUT develops and sells food supplements for people with food intolerances. In 2008 DISOLUT was founded by Remko Hiemstra, who is lactose intolerant himself. In 2008 there was no good working and affordable lactase supplement on the market, so DISOLUT started developing and selling the product ‘DISOLACT‘, a good and affordable lactase supplement.

Through inquiries from customers and dieticians, we noticed that there was a great need for multiple products for people with food intolerance. Hence DISOLUT has also developed the products Lutomerase, Fibractase, Quatrase, Starchway and Cozidase.

Did you know that we have developed and produce most of the products ourselves?
DISOLUT also employs production personnel for this purpose. The majority of our products are produced in our production facilities in Donkerbroek (Frl). In addition, DISOLUT employs two dieticians, who can help with all questions about food intolerances and the use of our products.

The slogan of DISOLUT is: Dietary Solutions That Make You Smile. We want people with food intolerance to enjoy food again!
Unfortunately, we have to comply with claim legislation and guidelines regarding advertising. Not adhering to these rules can result in fines from €30.000,- you will understand that we do not take any risks with those products that do not have a legal claim (all except the 86 ingredients on the European list).
Unfortunately, this gives us enormous limitations to provide good information to professionals and consumers.

Also for the products that do not have a permitted claim, a scientific rationale and medical background has been demonstrated and is available. So unfortunately we are not allowed to provide these directly. We are also not allowed to say for which indication the products without a permitted claim are intended, as this is seen as a medical claim.
However, we may answer your questions.So if you have any questions: please ask! We are happy to help you!


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