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DISOLUT is a food supplement company and we started in 2008 with producing and selling lactase food supplements under the brand name: DISOLACT lactase. We had both lactase capsules and lactase drops within our range.

Our business was born out of frustration. The founder and his son (lactose intolerant since birth) are both lactose intolerant themselves and could not find a good working, reasonably priced lactase supplement. That is the reason he developed DISOLACT lactase: small, easy to swallow (vegetarian) capsules. The capsules contain 3,000 FCC lactase, the Extra Forte capsules contain as much as 10,000 FCC lactase (sufficient for an extremely large milkshake). From the many positive reactions that come in we know we’ve made the right choices.

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With a background as (senior) research supervisor in both the pharmaceutical and the food industries, the founder of DISOLUT only wishes to sell products that have actually proved their effectiveness. You can depend on the fact that the products that DISOLUT sells are good; at the end of the day the owner and his son (in the meantime now 13 years old, intolerant since birth) both use them themselves.

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