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Diamine-oxidase is the enzyme that digests histamine from food in the intestine.

In addition, diamine oxidase is also present in the kidneys and the placenta. The diamine oxidase that is processed in the Daosin comes from (Austrian) pig kidneys. Through a patented extraction process, this is abstracted by the manufacturer of Daosin: SCIOTEC in their laboratory.

Unfortunately, no vegetable version is (yet) available. SCIOTEC is busy with this, they indicate that a vegetable variant is certainly a wish, but that with current technology this is still a step too far because the vegetable enzyme can only be kept for a few weeks


How does diamine oxidase work?

Diamine oxidase helps to digest the histamine that occurs naturally in food. We call this histamine exogenous histamine. Because the exogenous histamine is digested in the small intestine, it cannot migrate through the gastrointestinal wall to the bloodstream and increase the histamine level there. We call the histamine in the body itself endogenous histamine. Too high an endogenous histamine content can cause histamine intolerance symptoms.

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The diamine oxidase molecule