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Disolact lactase

Disolact lactase products helps with lactose intolerance. The deficiency in your own body is temporarily made up, whereby the milk product consumed (the lactose) can now be digested. In this way, someone with lactose intolerance can use ordinary dairy and other lactose-containing products. We have different kinds of lactase products: Capsules (3000 FCC and 10.000 FCC), small tablets (2500 FCC) and liquid lactase drops.

Disolact capsules

lactase,lactose, intolerance

Our Disolact capsules contain the enzyme lactase and the filling aid Calcium Carbonate. The capsule is made of HPMC, so it’s suitable for vegetarians.

We have two different strenghts of lactase capsules: Disolact lactase with 3000 FCC lactase per capsule and Disolact lactase Forte/Strong with 10.000 FCC lactase per capsule.

Disolact ensures that the deficiency in the body’s own lactase is temporarily made up, whereby the digestion of the milk products consumed (the lactose) is assisted.

Difficulty swallowing capsules? You can open the capsules by twisting their ends. The content of the DISOLACT capsule can then be taken with some liquid or sprinkled over the food (not over hot food).

 Disolact lactase capsules are packed in a little metal tin that is handy and attractive to take with you.

  • Disolact lactase capsules are soja and gluten free
  • We recommend storing Disolact lactase capsules dry and at room temperature.


disolact, forte, lactose intolerance, extra strong

Disolact lactase Forte 10.000 FCC, 120 capsules

disolact, forte, lactose intolerance, extra strong

Disolact lactase Forte 10.000 FCC, 40 capsules

Disolact, lactase, lactose intolerance

Disolact lactase 3000 FCC, 150 capsules

Disolact, lactase, lactose intolerance

Disolact lactase 3000 FCC, 50 capsules







Disolact lactase tablets

Disolact lactase tablets 2500 FCC. Helps to digest lactose for people with lactose intolerance. Contains 100 small lactase tablets, packed in a dispencer. Each tablet contains 2500 FCC lactase. Those small tablets are easy to use, also for kids.

Disolact, lactase, tablets, lactose intolerance

Disolact lactase tablets, 2500 FCC


Disolact lactase drops

Disolact lactase drops can be used to make your own lactose free milk, heavy cream, chocolatemilk and other liquid sweet milkproducts. Just add 5 drops per liter of milk, Shake briefly so that the lactase drops are well dispersed within the milk, and put it in the fridge for 24 hours. After 24 hours 92% of the lactose is converted. Add more drops to make it more lactose free. DISOLACT® drops are safe to use in breast-milk and formula (once mixed) and can be administered to infants. Milk that has been treated with DISOLACT® can be used just like ordinary milk, for drinking or for use in the kitchen.

lactase, lactase drops, liquid lactase, lactase enzyme, lactase enzyme drops,

Disolact lactase enzyme drops 14ml


If you suffer from galactosaemia (a rare condition), do not use Disolact lactase. With the conversion of lactose into glucose, the symptoms will increase. Consult your doctor or dietician for suitable advice.


Be aware! By using Disolact the lactose will now be converted into glucose, among other things. As you know, the latter has a direct influence on your blood sugar level. For this reason, you should consult the specialist or doctor treating you for diabetes before using Disolact lactase.


Lactase is a natural enzyme which breaks lactose down in the intestines to galactose and glucose. In the normal course of events lactase is present in sufficient quantities in the intestines from birth. However as we become older the amount of lactase reduces, (in the case of people of Asian and African racial origin, this decrease can occur very quickly), through this, they will quickly develop lactose intolerance.

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