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Lactase drops

With DISOLACT® lactase drops you can make your milk lactose free yourself! With DISOLACT® drops you make 56 litres of ordinary milk lactose free. Also for custard and cream. Please see the video below from our dietician:

How to use DISOLACT® lactase drops?

DISOLACT® lactase drops (standard five drops per litre of milk or 20 drops per gallon) are added to the milk product. Shake briefly so that the lactase droplets are well dispersed within the milk.
Then put the mix in the fridge and after 24 hours the lactose is 92% converted. For a higher rate just add more drops.

DISOLACT® drops are safe to use in breast-milk and formula (once mixed) and can be administered to infants. Milk that has been treated with DISOLACT® can be used just like ordinary milk, for drinking or for use in the kitchen.

Save on your daily shopping bill with DISOLACT® lactase drops and make your own lactose free products.

DISOLACT® lactase drops do not work well in acidic milk products such as yoghurt, curds and buttermilk. For this we recommend DISOLACT® lactase capsules. As the lactase drops are high in (vegetable) glycerine they can be kept, once opened, for two years.

The lactase drops consist of (vegetable) glycerine, purified water and lactase enzyme, as we don’t like chemicals in our products no preservatives are added. The glycerine is sufficient to keep the product for over two years free from bacteria’s.

DISOLACT® is handy in each lactose intolerant household. Use ordinary (cheap) milk to make your own lactose free dairy. Just follow the recipes, only add five drops DISOLACT® per litre on forehand and enjoy! An urge for chocolate milk? No problem: just make your own lactose free chocolate milk.
It’s so easy: just add 5 DISOLACT® drops per litre, shake and let rest for 24 hours and enjoy!

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