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Lactose intolerance

lactose intolerance, lactose,lactase

Cow’s milk intolerance, or lactose intolerance, is an unpleasant and annoying problem. The intolerance arises from a deficiency of lactase in the small intestine. This shortage of lactase can be from birth (congenital), or an acquired lactose intolerance, caused for example by the use of antibiotics, or through the natural reduction in lactase amounts during ageing.

We have to warn you: a whole new world opens for you when you notice that with Disolact lactase, you can eat anything again. The owner and developer of Disolact gained kilos in weight once he dared to eat ice cream and cakes again.

Extent of lactose intolerance

The extent to which people can tolerate lactose differs from person to person. The quickest way to find out is to try it out! One glass of milk (200 ml) contains 10 g of lactose. If you know how much lactose you can tolerate, you can “experiment” with this, should you have forgotten your Disolact capsules. Then you know whether you can or cannot drink a cappuccino or better still drink your coffee without milk.

Children and lactose intolerance

Children can also suffer greatly from lactose intolerance; a lot of milk is present in drinks, sweets, and biscuits for children.

As soon as children realise that all of these nice things are available to them WITH a Disolact lactase capsule, they will certainly not forget it. Experience shows that children are very careful to take their Disolact lactase; they themselves certainly don’t want to have stomach ache.
With children under four years of age we recommend to open the capsules and put the content of the food. Children of this age tend to chew on capsules instead of swallowing them.

If you or your child is lactose intolerant, it’s wise to consult a dietician. She can help you to develop a suitable diet that still contains all needed nutrional components needed to grow up and stay healthy.

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As per Dutch law we, as being seller of food-supplements, are not allowed to give you the symptoms and complaints that belong to lactose intolerance. Therefore we would like to recommend you to read the details on Wikipedia.