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Sample Disolact lactase capsules Extra Strong (10.000FCC), 5 capsules


  • 10.000 FCC lactase per capsule!
  • Suitable for vegetarians
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Disolact lactase Extra Strong capsules

Disolact lactase extra strong capsules contain 10.000 FCC lactase per capsule. Besides this, it contains the filling aid Calcium carbonate. The capsule is made of HPMC, so the product is also suitable for vegetarians.

Disolact lactase capsules help to digest lactose for people with lactose intolerance.

How to use?: Take 1-3 capsules just before each meal which contains lactose.

Difficulty swallowing capsules? You can open the capsules by twisting their ends. The content of the DISOLACT capsule can then be taken with some liquid or sprinkled over the food (not over hot food).

If you want to be sure of having no problems or if you’re extremely lactose intolerant, then the Disolact Extra strong capsules are the best choice for you.


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