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Lutomerase (contains Xylose Isomerase) – Sample of 5 capsules


  • Lutomerase: contains the enzyme Xylose Isomerase
  • 7500 Units of Xylose Isomerase per capsule
  • Sample of 5 capsules

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Lutomerase: contains the Xylose Isomerase enzyme

Our Lutomerase capsules contain the enzyme Xylose Isomerase, 7500 Units per capsule.

Usage Advice

Take 1-3 capsules of Lutomerase just before meals. After ingestion, the enzymes remain effective for approximately 45 minutes. After this, 1-3 capsules of Lutomerase should be taken again with meals. Maximum of 15 capsules per day.


  • Sample of 5 capsules
  • Soy and gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Store dry and at room temperature.

Active Ingredient(s): Xylose Isomerase 7,500iu. Filler: Calcium carbonate. HPMC capsule suitable for vegatarians.


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