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Quatrase – 36 capsules- FODMAP supplement

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Quatrase is our new supplement for the digestion of different FODMAP’s. Quatrase contains a combination of 4 enzymes: 500 Units Alpha Galactosidase, 5000 unit Xylose isomerase, 5000 FCC lactase, 250 units Invertase. Quatrase contains calcium carbonate as filling aid and the capsule is made of HPMC, so the product is also suitable for vegetarians. Quatrase helps with the digestion of Lactose, Fructose, Sucrose, Fructans and Galactans.

How to use Quatrase: You have to take 1-3 capsules of Quatrase just before eating a meal which contains lactose, fructose, sucrose, fructans and/or galactans. How much capsules you need to use is dependend on your degree of intolerance. The working period of Lutomerase is about 30 minutes, after this period you have to take another capsule if you want to consume more fructose containing food. If you have problems swallowing capsules you can open them and use the contents with some liquid.


FODMAP is an abbreviation of: Fermentable Oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. FODMAP’s are carbohydrates that are poorly digested and poorly absorbed in the small intestine. Those FODMAP’s will be fermented by bacteria in the colon. This results in the production of gases. Lactose, fructose, fructans and galactans are FODMAP’s.

Oligosaccharides: Fructans/Galactans

Fructans and galactans are carbohydrates, oligosaccharides, which consists of a chain of several carbohydrates. Fructans and galactans can not be digested and absorbed in our small intestine, because our body does not produce an enzyme to cut the fructans and galactans into pieces. They will be transported to the colon, where they will be fermented by bacteria.

Fructans occurs in for example: wheat products, garlic, onions, leek, vigs, dates
Galactans occurs in for example: beans, legumes and cashew nuts

Disaccharides: Lactose

Lactose belongs to the disacharides of the FODMAP’s. Lactose consists of two monosaccharides: Galactose and Glucose. In our small intestine, Lactose has to be cut in two pieces (galactose and glucose) by the enzyme Lactase. In this way the small intestine can absorb the seperate monosacharides Galactose and Glucose. When the enzyme lactase is missing in the small intestine (lactose intolerance), the lactose cannot be cut in pieces and the lactose will be transported to the colon. In the colon, the lactose will be fermented by bacteria and this results in the production of gases.

Lactose occurs for example in: Milk, yoghurt and whipped cream.

Monosaccharides: Fructose

Fructose belongs to the monosaccharides of the FODMAP’s. Some people have problems with the absorption of fructose in the small intestine. This is caused by a problem in the GLUT-5 system, which can absorb fructose in the small intestine. When the fructose is not absorbed in the small intestine, the fructose will be transported to the colon, where the fructose will be fermented by bacteria and this results in the production of gases.

Fructose occurs for example in: mango, asparagus, pear and apple.

3 reviews for Quatrase – 36 capsules- FODMAP supplement

  1. Maria Carmen Perez Maestre (verified owner)

    Great!!! I can eat now things that before I couldn’t like tofu or dates!! I’m impressed!!
    Wonderful, thanks!

  2. Maria Carmen Perez Maestre (verified owner)

    ¡¡¡Estupendo!!! ¡Puedo comer ahora cosas que antes no podía como tofu o las fechas! ¡¡Estoy impresionado!!

  3. Natalie (verified owner)

    I suffer from fructose malabsorption, and I can honestly say that I can now eat honey, pastry, pasta and bread made from wheat. I can eat onion and garlic. I don’t have to cook separately for myself now. I can eat what my husband and daughter eat. Love the Quatrase. Thank you for giving me back my love of the forbidden foods I could not eat before. You are my best discovery, and my best friend.

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